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Meola Safety


Sculpture is a highly expressive medium, and using iron, steel and other metals creates an enduring sense, some permanence, in an otherwise transient world, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve only been doing this for maybe three or four years, ever since I bought that old Lincoln welder at the county fair in Goochland, back in ’00 I guess it was.

Welded a lot of different stuff, made a lot of bookends, then started composing pieces, had a lot of fun doing it, and next thing you know…. Plant Zero comes along, and now there’s a home for this stuff.

Time laps of sculpture install at Lewis Ginter Garden.

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Virginia Love Clicks SculptureMay 2021
Title:  Virginia Love Clicks Sculpture Virginia's latest LOVE sculpture is reminding drivers to buckle their seatbelts. Drive Smart Virginia and Virginia Farm Bureau teamed up with sculptor Giovanni "John" Meola to create the permanent sign in Caroline County.
Virginia Love Clickc Sculpture

Montpelier Art Center Love SignOctober 2019
Title:  Love Sign MONTPELIER has its own LOVE sculpture thanks to a grant awarded by the Virginia Tourism's LOVEworks project! It is made of metal construction and features agriculture, education, and art, showcasing dozens of locally sourced historical and agricultural pieces. Click on image for full view.
Montpelier Art Center Love Sign Installation

Lakeside Bicycle Tower 2017April 2017
Title:  Lakeside Bicycle Tower This sculpture was originally commissioned by Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden to commemorate the September 2015 UCI Road World Championship Bike Race and the proud history of bicycle promotion by Mr. Lewis Ginter.. Click on image for full view.
Lakeside Bicycle Tower 2017 top detail

Richmond Outdoor Sculpture 2006August 2006
Title: "For a Disarming Conversation In a Hard Edged Relationship, Walk This Way II" (Marriage Series)
Subtitle: "There's A Lot Going On Here"
Entry in the Richmond Outdoor Sculpture invitational. Click on image for full view.
Also see article in Richmond Magazine's September issue.
Richmond Magazine article

Armillary Sphere #5.February 2005
Armillary composition featured in the Richmond Camera booth at Maymont's annual Flower & Garden Show, February 24-27, 2005. Click on image for full view.

November, 2004
New installation
These three pieces are now on view in the sculpture garden at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen.
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Queen Foushee.
Piano Musica.
Armillary #4.
Garden Gong #3 Abstract.