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Meola Safety

Furniture & Functional Objects

It’s always kind of fun to make a piece of art that can actually be used. Tables, benches, umbrella stands, hat racks, pieces of hardware made from agricultural machinery, etc. I like the aspect of metamorphosis – taking a piece out of it’s original form and using it in a totally different, but still compatible context.

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September 2 - October 23, 2005
Eat, Drink & Be Merry
Chandelier: brass, silverware, steel, Pellegrino bottles, 40" x 24", 2005. For "Watt's Up" chandelier exhibition at Richmond's Quirk Gallery.
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Chandelier title: Eat, Drink & Be Merry.
New - work in progress
Garden Arbor, second in a series
Includes oak leaf and acorn cluster motif in cast iron, wrought iron wagon wheel rim segments. Still under construction, check back soon for pictures of the completed work.
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Garden Arbor

Bench with walnut slats.