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The first two recently found objects, are in restoration mode, headed for service in one venue or another around town.

The grey Ridge vise (below) is an older model, found missing the main screw and retractor assembly, but otherwise in remarkably perfect condition. Presently in discussion with Ridge Tool to try and talk them into providing parts for the cause.
Ridge vise.

The green Wilton vise (below) was found buried in the mud, frozen solid with rust, missing main jaws and pipe jaws, with the jaw screws broken off inside. Sledge hammer work was needed to free up the slide. This was a serious job- the 60,000 PSI casting strength that Wilton likes to brag about was put to the supreme test- I broke the handle on a 10 lb. sledge making this thing move- a 32nd inch at a time. It's got like a 6 inch slide on it, fought it every step of the way.

Disassembly included driving out the two drift pins that hold in the main vise nut - which is actually a sleeve. It was an instructive exercise. After all the hammering was over, I found the web site for the Kroil.

New jaws and pipe jaw inserts were purchased from Northern Tool and Wilton, for a lot less than you'd expect. Swivel assembly was also frozen- used 18 in. pipe wrench to free up the lock nuts. It was astounding how someone could let this vise go into such a state of disrepair. It lists on most tool geek sites for around $300.

The slide bar is also missing, but that's not a big deal - the drift pin in the picture makes a very handy tightening method - since working on the tailgate does not leave a lot of swing room.
Wilton vise.

Jack Green – this unit was actually one of the rare purchased items from the collection. It was found in an antique store in Front Royal VA with a tag on it saying ‘Old Car Jack’. I don’t think it was an automotive fixture. This is an acme thread screw jack also called a ‘Bottle Jack’ made by Vulcan, typically used for lifting extremely heavy weights a small distance. This unit has a screw that will safely extend six inches. These were very common around the turn of the century up through the age of hydraulics.

Jack Green.

Green vise.