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Found Objects, Collections & Tools :: My Stash
Through the kindness of a professional associate, I was allowed to concentrate a large part of the collection in an old farm field, in the town of Bumpass, which is in Louisa County, maybe 20 miles from Casa Diablo.

The collection includes probably forty or fifty tons of iron. Fragments, tools, hardware, stove & appliance parts, industrial parts, gears, lots of gears, wheels, pulleys, gratings, implements, fixtures of all types... this collection has grown to the point that when I go out to look at it, even I'm amazed, and I put it there!

It's a little bit of an inventory stockpile, a sculpture garden & work in progress. It's also a lifesaver of astronomical importance, 'cause to tell the truth, I was running outta' room to stash these treasures. So knowing they're safe is a big relief... eventually they'll all end up in a work of some form or other...but they're also a work in themselves as they reside in tranquility out in the field. The landowner tells me there's a local herd of deer that browse and graze out the iron has company. Probably makes for a busy day, all told!