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Found Objects, Collections & Tools :: In Praise of Kroil

Kroil by Kano Laboratories.This link will take you to the home page of an interesting company called Kano Labs. I think they're in Tennessee. They make a range of industrial products, such as penetrants, lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, etc. In particular, they make something called Kroil, which is something of a legend among the mechanics community.

A couple months ago I was telling the guy at the welding store about a old vise I needed to free up, and he said that Kroil was the right stuff for it. I bought a couple cans on line, read the literature and have to admit, I was a little skeptical about their claims. Well, so much for the Doubting Thomas award. The stuff is nothing short of phenomenal! I shot some onto a few pieces that I had actually given up on, and true to their claims, it freed up the parts in a very short time.

Now, I'm not normally one to go hyperbolic in praise over anything ( not much ) but I'll tell you, if you're doing anything with rusted iron, like a lot of the Richmond Tool Society tribe is doing, you need to get some of this stuff. It's a little hard not to crow about it, but it's saved a couple of rare pieces for me, so I'm betting the farm on it from here on in.

Suffice to say, it will far exceed WD 40 and PB Blaster, and I was pretty impressed with those two. I still use the WD-40 for most of the day to day stuff, but for the industrial applications, bring on the Kroil! If all of this sounds a little geeky, well, I won't deny it, but it's what I like to do, and you can bet it's being taken up to an art form, along with a lot of other baggage. We'll be posting more pictures of what Kroil rescued hardware, just in case you're not comatose by now.