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When you collect a lot of different weird stuff for a long time, it becomes a noteworthy collection. Probably as a result of my travels all over the Northeast US via company funded automobile, I started to bring a lot of crap home. Then I transferred this same collecting mentality to the mid-Atlantic region, courtesy of Continental Insurance and later USF&G Insurance, and continued amassing iron.

Meadow.Then I ran across the RATS! Richmond Antique Tool Society! Talk about finding nirvana! Then the Blacksmiths came along, and I dutifully joined that tribe. > More about friends & associates

The collection grows, even today. Through the gracious assistance of friends, I have been allowed to decorate a corner of this beautiful meadow in Louisa County. > More photos

> The Anvil page
The anvil page.
> The Hammer page
the hammer page.

> The Vise page

The vise page.

> In Praise of Kroil

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S-wrench collection.
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