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About the Artist :: My Father, Giovanni Meola
Birth certificate, Giovanni Meola, 1905.

This website is named in honor of my father, Giovanni Meola, who entered eternity on April 13, 1995 at the age of 90, while spending one of many winters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I think he would have liked most of my ironwork, and might also have been proud to know that I often use some of his old tools in working on these pieces.



Circa 1955, proud father and sons David (left) & John. Usually, pictures were taken during family gatherings, which happened a lot, often at dad's sisters', Aunt Marie, home, over on Academy Ave. in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence, RI.

John Meola and his sons.

Brown and Sharpe Handbook. Photo of Brown and Sharpe Manufacturing Company building.
He was a machinist for Brown & Sharpe in Providence, RI, for more than 30 years.



This is a picture of Uncle Christy (Rendine), my dad and me down in Newport RI, inspecting one of the leftover navy vessels, circa 1965.

Giovanni and Margaret visiting Washington in time for the annual cherry blossom display. Dad's sister, Aunt Lucy, lived in a Maryland suburb where my parents would stop over on their annual Snowbird migration to south Florida.


These are two of Dad's tools from Brown & Sharpe. The "tri-square" above, is a precision machinist's tool with hardened steel scale. I think I've actually used it to scrape paint and it never blinked. Note the hole at the right end of the scale. This signifies that dad fished this out of a scrap bin, drilled a hole in it and then sent it to be hardened. I think.

Below is a section of a one-foot long satin finish stainless steel machinist's rule bearing his name engraved along with his building and floor number (5-2) followed by his employee number (343).

John Meola's ruler.